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Step Inside!

Luxurious Indulgent Hues
Posted 04/12/2022
Step Inside Paint Color Scheme

Featured Colors:

Dinnerware Kitchen Shelves

As we look forward to warmer weather, it’s the perfect time to refresh hospitality spaces. With a luxurious and comforting mood, we explore how this multifaceted palette works in a range of styles. A duo of dark and indulgent hues add depth and harmonize with the warming summer orange. A soft blue brings clarity and cools, while an off-white adds an uplifting note.


Make your customers feel welcome with a relaxed atmosphere through walls and beams painted in a cocooning brown. With a sense of calm, Film Noir is the perfect brown to create a cozy color scheme. Use the bar as the focal point with clear blue tiling in Cape Hope and luxurious red furnishings in Wild Rose.

Restaurant Coffee Shop

For smaller dining spaces, why not experiment with striking paint techniques to encourage customers to take a seat and stay for more than just a quick cup of coffee? Create the illusion of a larger space using uplifting Ivory Parchment for ceilings and upper walls. For contrast, use sun-kissed orange Japonica on the remainder of the walls. Finish with minimalist wooden furnishings and contemporary light shades in Wild Rose. Use a bold and eye-catching color for exteriors to stand out from the crowd. Entice customers in with a statement front door in the deliciously rich red, Wild Rose.


For dining areas, consider how the color of your space changes from day to night. Take Cape Hope as an all-over coat on walls. This subdued, shaded blue adds a sophisticated quality to the atmosphere in both daylight and artificial evening lighting. 

Film Noir table and chair Plates

As we look to warmer weather, Film Noir is a perfect choice for alfresco dining areas. This dark and opulent brown gives café and restaurant exteriors a luxurious transformation. Give your customers a warm welcome with this beautiful palette for spring.