Trend Colors | Fall 2016


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Trend Colors | Fall 2016

Posted 08/01/2016
Fall 2016 Color Trends

We have completed our yearly color survey of the most popular paint colors for interiors, exteriors, cabinet and trim as reported by your local Diamond Vogel Paint Store. This year’s palette showcases the strong influence that gray has on both interior and exterior color trends. It can be debated how long this popular neutral will be part of our color experience, but there is no denying the soft, restful nature of gray and the ease in pairing it with almost any color. The popularity of mid-century modern styles and the use of ebony, espresso and gray in flooring, counters and furniture helps to elevate gray’s importance. A long with gray, soft blue-green tones round out the color palette with splashes of spirited orange and blue.

Read on to learn more about what is trending in color; these are the Colors Your Neighbors Love:

Stacy L from South Dakota
"Shades of gray are pretty popular for interior walls and for ceilings too. 0539 Place of Dust is a good choice and we are also seeing it used also for exteriors for both siding and trim. 0273 Sandstone Palette is a neutral beige being used for those wanting to add some color to interior walls but not use gray. 0406 Home Bodyis a ‘cool color’ accent that is popular and still fairly neutral and easy to use with gray. 0687 Stillwater, another ‘cool’ accent adds a pop of color and is popular as an accent."

Angie R from McCook NE
"0454 Marble Green is a soft, subtle green great for living rooms and kitchens. Another great accent color is 0681 Cyan Sky, it can be used with gray and black for a pop of color on walls and we have seen it used for health/beauty salons and as an accent color on exterior front doors. Gray continues to be popular and 0530 Metro is used for open concept spaces and works well with brighter accents."

ShaNea S from Bismarck ND
"A popular color is 0511 Cystern, a beautiful blue-grey color mostly used on walls. Also 0022 White Kitten, a very light gray has been popular for trim with gray walls. 0530 Metro is also popular as a wall color, what can I say, grays are in."

Note: On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors.

0454 Marble Green
(McCook, Nebraska)
This light mint is calming and balanced. Plays well with chocolate brown, gray, purple and popular oranges.

0406 Home Body
(South Dakota)
A soft sage with two lives. A new classic that pairs nicely with accents like deep charcoals and grays, or a color that can stand alone and offers quiet sophistication.

0539 Place of Dust
(Lincoln, Nebraska)
This shadowy gray is flexible and offers a modern feel that pairs well with most colors.

0511 Cystern
(Bismarck, North Dakota)
Inspired by stone, a confident blue-gray that can stand on its own or a quiet accent for colors like yellow, green and purple.

Lisa S from Nebraska
"A nice accent color is 0701 Plunge for interiors. It can be used in kid’s rooms or even bathroom/laundry rooms and is a favorite in our market. 0542 Captain Nemo is a true gray, people like it for a good bold exterior color for siding. Looks very good with lighter shutter colors. 0175 3am Latte is a good warm beige that goes well with a lot of the new flooring and counter tops in our area. When customers do not want dark walls,0006 Little Dove is a popular color and it goes well with Old Masters Spanish Oak/Espresso wood stains and also 0535 Zen Retreat. When paired with darker colors, Little Dove really pops and look very good."

Tim S from Appleton WI
"A very popular gray is 0532 Rand Moon for interiors, this color looks great in any room. OW3 Cotton White continues to be our most popular white, great for everything! 0214 Wildwood is a good color for exterior trim, it complements most gray or tan color exteriors."

0701 Plunge
A mid-century mint with a modern edge. Softly toned, Plunge pairs perfectly with deep berry, browns and oranges and gray.

0562 Sultry Castle
(Mankato, Minnesota)
This warm gray is a sophisticated accent and great as a backdrop to other colors that may take a leading role. Pair well with blue, aqua, yellows and oranges
0273 Sandstone Palette
(Appleton, Wisconsin)
The perfect color to combine and coordinate, this pale sandstone is adaptable as it shifts personality depending on how it is paired.
0532 Rand Moon
(Orange City, Iowa)
On the edge of moonlight describes with dusty grey. Use as an accent with other cool colors like blues, greens and purples.
0687 Stillwater
(South Dakota)
A light and clean aqua that adds energy with its upbeat nature. Pairs well with whites, browns and greys.

Kim H from Lincoln NE
"0539 Place of Dust is huge right now and is being used throughout the main areas of the house then adding different warm colors in bedrooms or baths. We’ve noticed that 0542 Captain Nemo has been a hot color for exterior siding paired with white trim then an accent color for the front door. OW3 Cotton White is a real popular white for cabinets and trim. Customers don’t want straight-up white, but want a white that is slightly muted. Also a popular beige is 0175 3am Latte, it’s is our most popular color and goes with pretty much anything."

Rob W from Orange City IA
"0573 Chintz is a good gray/beige that works well with most color schemes and popular open concept interiors. 0015 White Glove is being used for ceilings, gives a slight tint instead of using just white. A dramatic dark color for exteriors is 0535 Zen Retreat, gives a home a rich look. 0532 Rand Moon offers a neutral gray with no blue undertones, goes well with everything."

0530 Metro
(Des Moines, Iowa)
Metro blends and connects the colors it is paired with. A soft white that can be used as a neutral with cool colors.
0542 Captain Nemo
(Spencer, Iowa)
This complex gray is sophisticated, chic and ready to mix and match with any color.
0483 Indulgence
(Scottsbluff, Nebraska)
Peaceful and serene… this light aqua creates a quiet haven, an escape from our busy lives. Pairs well with cream, gray, chocolate and yellow.
0383 Natural Whisper
A sun-kissed white, cheerfully delivering a soft yellow glow to any room.

Shellie S
"0186 Christmas Ornament is a great exterior accent color, rich chocolate goes well with neutral exteriors. A great open concept color for interiors is 0183 Moth Wing, it is not too dark and pairs with many colors. Dark colors are also very popular for exteriors and 0534 Subtle Shadow is a nice gray, not too blue or brown. 0542 Captain Nemo is another popular gray for any exterior feature of the house, body, trim or accent."

Rita H from Worthington MN
"A great all around color for bedrooms, living rooms and main color is 0175 3am Latte. Goes great with any accent color also with popular brown leather furniture. 0313 Chic Magnet is pretty versatile used on ceiling, trim and cabinets, it gives just the right amount of color to make any accent color pop. 0539 Place of Dust is a soft gray that is used on ceilings and as a main color. Nice color when you want to go with trending grays and but still have tan and brown accessories or furniture in your home. 1019 Orange Ballad is an excellent accent color for kitchens. Goes well with dark wood cabinets and black & brown tile floors, backsplash & counter tops. For exteriors 0528 Greybeard paired with white trim makes the house have a clean look that stands out."

0183 Moth Wing
Warm and inviting, this warm beige has a slight gray undertone which makes it pair well with most any color, the perfect neutral.

1019 Orange Ballad
(Worthington, Minnesota)
This down-to-earth orange is friendly and comfortable, an orange for those looking for the perfect accent color. Pairs well with gray, aqua and blue.
0561 Indian Hills
This beige is a great neutral that complements any color; or alone can be the star of the room!
0681 Cyan Sky
(McCook, Nebraska)
This blue-green beauty reflects off cool waters and bright sky to deliver an up-beat happy vibe.
0175 3am Latte
Taking its lead from the other soft browns and beiges trending now, 3am Latte is a winner with its warm golden undertone, classic but never boring.
0006 Little Dove
The perfect background. Calm, relaxed and peaceful, this soft beige perfectly pairs with all colors.

Erik B from Ft Collins CO
"MH04 Rushmore from MyHaven Exterior Collection is a beautiful color for siding and goes well with white trim. Also for exteriors GS201 Spice Brown from the Grain Stain Solid Collection is very popular, it is used for fences and it is a good basic chocolate brown for exterior jobs. For interiors, OW2 Antique White is a classic warm white that we sell often for apartments."

Joann R from Scottsbluff NE
"0530 Metro is a nice neutral for interiors, not too gray or too brown. For exteriors 0583 Billowing Smoke has been popular, it is a deep green-gray that does not seem too heavy, but has presence."



0272 Mineral Water
(Scottsbluff, NE)

MH04 Rushmore

0531 Snowglory

0197 Thistle Gray
(Mankato, MN)

0583 Billowing Smoke
(Scottsbluff, NE)

0547 Tin Man
(Omaha, NE)

0561 Indian Hills

0578 Philosophically Speaking

0542 Captain Nemo

0191 Dusty Path
(Minneapolis, MN)

GS201 Spice Brown

0534 Subtle Shadow

0186 Christmas Ornament

0557 Evermore
(Omaha, NE)

0528 Greybeard
(Worthington, MN)

0214 Wildwood
(Appleton, WI)

0109 Kung Fu
(Omaha, NE)

0535 Zen Retreat
(Orange City, IA)


OW3 Cotton White
(Omaha, NE)

0011 Sugar Dust
(Minneapolis, MN)

OW1 Acoustic White

0383 Natural Whisper

0018 Dove White
(Mankato, Minnesota)

0313 Chic Magnet
(Worthington, MN)

0022 White Kitten
(Bismarck, ND)

0562 Sultry Castle
(Mankato, MN)

Not sure what color to select? Diamond Vogel offers two great ways to preview color. Color Sampler is a quart sized sample that helps you test color before you buy. There is no better way to try a color than to paint out a sample in the space, so it can be viewed with your own furniture, lighting and accessories. You can also try testing out color in our Envision software found at, upload a photo of your project and visualize any of our colors before you paint, it is just that easy! Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store to find the perfect color for your project.