Trending Colors | Winter 2015


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Trending Colors | Winter 2015

Posted 11/06/2014
2015 Winter Trends

Technology and innovation continue to drive new and better ways to complete life’s everyday tasks.  Shopping, home automation and communication are now all at our fingertips.  With the changing speed of life, we long for simplicity and balance in what is otherwise a complicated world.  To help create this, design trends have focused on natural and handmade elements that are authentic in their design.  A new romanticism is also emerging out of this desire for vintage looks and comfortable, private spaces.  Our winter trend palette highlights the soft, smoky colors emerging from these looks and the deep accents that pair well with them.

Design Trends
Coinciding with the still popular look of industrial spaces, metallized finishes of platinum, bronze, oxidized copper and rusted steel are popular finishes. Smoky pastels denote a romantic influence.  Natural woods, woven textures, knits and lace designs align with our search for cozy and comfortable spaces. Patchwork and stitched designs are driven by the trend for handmade and authentic elements.  Hexagon, chevron and ikat designs are growing in use and add modern styling.

0393 Inviting Gesture - Organic and muted, a merge of green and yellow for a subtle, yet modern edge.  Pairs well with grays, blues, charcoal and copper tones.

0018 Dove White - Like a soft feather, Dove White offers a gentle but versatile backdrop and pairs with most colors.    

0372 Historic Shade - How can history be wrong? A classic khaki that pairs well with popular grays, browns and muted golds.

0554 Sparrow - Take flight with this complex gray that is sophisticated, chic and ready to mix and match with any color.

0523 Felicity - Felicity blends and connects the colors it is paired with.  A softly toned white, use as an accent with cool colors.

0582 Paved Path - Inspired by stone, a shadowy green with the magic to stand on its own or complement neutrals like browns, creams and grays.

0567 Hearthstone - Warm and cozy, this soft beige is welcoming and pairs well with most colors; a perfect back drop to any interior.

0390 Olive Tint - Uplifting and cheery, a creamy yellow with a touch of green.  Coordinates with browns, warm gray, sage green and blue.

0517 Cool Elegance Simple elegance is the key to this cool and slightly-toned gray.  Its sheer presence plays well with most colors.  Perfect match with blues, greens, pinks and purple.

0489 Whirlwind This mint bows to its mid-century roots, but offers a fresh, modern vibe that pairs well with popular neutrals like grays, browns and chocolate.

0131 Cliffswallow A soft, romantic pink that whispers feminine mystique.  Its powdery influence pairs perfectly with deep charcoal, soft blues and grays.

0575 Greystoke Influenced by industrial furniture and art, this complex green can be used to accent lighter colors like mint, yellow or soft greens or star as a bold accent.

1320 Blackwater Is it blue or is it black?  A mysterious ultra-deep accent that adds interest to lighter colors like citron, brown, beige and orange. 

0583 Billowing Smoke A moody chameleon, this earthy green pairs well with warm-toned golds, terra-cotta and cinnamon. 

0883 Follow the Leader This welcoming gold adds an upbeat feel when paired with neutrals like grays, browns, greens and blues.

0556 Smokescreen This deep gray-brown is a great base for showcasing stronger colors or smoky pastels.  Perfect to pair with greens, oranges, blues and corals.

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