Update Your Guest Room


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Update Your Guest Room

Posted 12/26/2018
Update Your Guest Room

Featured Colors:

Experimenting with paint can be a really easy way to kick start a decorating project. Bedrooms for guests, or seldom used rooms should have universal appeal, but can also be an area to try out new ideas. We can help make your visitors feel extra welcome in your home with our balanced palette of modern, yet timeless colors.

Use a trio of blues to create a clean back drop in your space. The simplicity of Ocean Crest makes for the perfect backdrop for showing off colorful accessories. Add textiles in bold patterns, and a pop of brilliant Dancing Sea alongside the welcoming glow of a lamp to invite your guests into their own personal sanctuary.

Create a unique mood in a guest bedroom with Dancing Sea; this atmospheric blue enhances a space to make a stylish statement. Accent with the deep blue of Day Spa, and a pop of Sun Drops along with your most loved accessories for a complete look.

With a perfect balance of colors you’ll have guest spaces to delight all year round, leaving you time to relax and enjoy the compliments! All it takes is paint in the perfect color scheme to completely transform a space you will be proud of!