Interior Wood Staining/Clear Finishes

Surface Preparation

All new wood surfaces must be cured, clean, sound, dry and free of all dirt, dust, efflorescence, wax, oil, grease, chalk and any other contamination that would interfere with new coating adhesion. Sand smooth. Patch nail holes and any imperfections with wood filler or putty and sand smooth. Remove sanding dust. Performance will be directly related to the degree of surface preparation.

Recommended Products

Stains: Old Masters Fast Dry Stain
  Old Masters Wiping Stain
  Old Masters Gel Stain
  Old Masters Penetrating Stain
  Old Masters Water-Based Wood Stain

Sanding Sealer: Old Masters Sanding Sealer


Wood Fillers and Conditioners: Old Masters Wood Grain Filler
  Oil-Based Wood Conditioner

Water-Based Clear Finish: Old Masters Masters Armor

Polyurethane: Old Masters Oil-Based Polyurethane
  Old Masters Gel Polyurethane

Lacquer: Old Masters Brushing Lacquer

Tung Oil: Old Masters Tung Oil
  Old Masters Tung Oil Varnish

The products above are commonly recommended for staining and clear finishes for wood. Other Diamond Vogel products may be more suited for your project. Please contact your Diamond Vogel representative for personalized service.