Prime-O-Seal Exterior Alkyd Primer-Sealer

Prime-O-Seal Exterior Alkyd Primer-Sealer
Superior Alkyd Primer Provides Excellent Adhesion and Sealing of Wood

Prime-O-Seal is a solvent-thinned, breather type alkyd resin coating designed to provide excellent adhesion and sealing of exterior wood surfaces. It is formulated for use as an exterior primer/sealer coat on unprimed wood, chalky surfaces, and old weathered surfaces. It may be topcoated with both solvent and water thinned exterior finishes. Prime-O-Seal is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Topcoat with both solvent and water-based finishes
  • Great choice for chalky and weathered surfaces
  • Blocks tannin staining

Product Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Prime-O-Seal Exterior Alkyd Primer-Sealer AU-1404 Primer White PDF PDF