Sure-Block II Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Primer

Sure-Block II Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Primer
Amazingly Holds Out Tough Stains

Sure-Block II Alkyd Stain Blocking Primer is formulated for use on both commercial and residential projects where the use of a stain blocking primer is required. Seal water, fire, and smoke damage to wood, walls, and plaster. Holds back tough stains including grease on bare or previously painted drywall, cured plaster, and woodwork. Use on metal (including aluminum, steel, and copper), vinyl, PVC, and masonry where stain blocking and adhesion are a concern. Sure-Block II is also suitable for use as an exterior wood primer to seal water-soluble tannin stains.

  • Seals out burned or charred surfaces
  • Holds back water stains
  • Blocks a variety of household stains including, lipstick, crayon, ball-point pen, and smoke
  • Adheres to glossy surfaces without sanding
  • May be used under any oil-base or water-base topcoat
  • Seals tannin stains from cedar and redwood
  • Dries to touch in ten minutes

Product Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Sure-Block II Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Primer CU-1622 Primer White PDF PDF