Color Palette Personality Quiz

Color Palette Personality Quiz

color palette

Whether you run right for red, go bananas for yellow, or would love a pop of purple, your instinctive color preferences say a lot about you and your personality. Color is the most impactful decision you can make when redecorating your home, and sometimes it can be hard to narrow down all the options, especially if you haven't yet decided on a mood for your space. But, if you are in the midst of a major home refresh and have lost your color path, fear not! We've created a Color Palette Personality Quiz that, in just ten questions, will lead you to the hues you should be embracing and tell you what those colors say about your personality.

1. What is your ideal vacation spot?

2. Which muscian understands your soul?

3. Which dish has your mouth watering?

4. You've been sent your favorite flower arrangement – what does it look like?

5. What is your spirit animal?
A. LION        B. DOLPHIN        C. BUNNY        D. DOG

6. Which famous work of art would hang over your mantle?

7. Which mirror reflects your personal style?

8. What season do you wait all year for?

9. Which drink calls your name during brunch with your pals?

10. Which bookshelf blows away the competition?

If you answered...

Mostly As: Warm & Adventurous
You like to take walks on the wild side in both your color and life choices. You are drawn to bright reds and oranges, rich golds and coppers, and won't shy away from a saturated accent wall in any of those shades! People who love these fiery colors are energetic, assertive, confident, active, and full of passion and intensity making them great leaders.

Mostly Bs: Relaxed & Tranquil
You love for your home to be your oasis, so you lean toward colors such as cool blues and purples. Lovers of water shades are deep thinkers who are secure in their lives and full of dignity, but you also tend to be a bit on the cautious side. You are also likely an inquisitive and creative person, driven by new ideas and fuelled by excitement.

Mostly Cs: Earthy & Casual
You love nature and spending as much time as you can in the great outdoors: greens, browns, and creams are your palette of choice. These colors are associated with soothing emotions and freshness. Those who lean toward green tones are often quiet, peaceful, and controlled. You enjoy lending a hand to others as much as you can.

Mostly Ds: Classic Neutrals
You like the sophisticated and finer things in life, and playing around with a neutral palette to make you feel both rustic and modern. Creams, grays, and whites are linked with simplicity and a soothing quality. You are generally a peaceful person who is kind and patient, humble, and accepting of others.


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