Commercial Interior & Exterior Palette 2012 - 2013

Commercial Interior & Exterior Palette 2012 - 2013

The colors offered in this palette show the general direction of color for each color family based on trend studies and research of interior and exterior products in the marketplace. As a member of the Color Marketing Group, we bring you the most up-to-date information so you can stay informed on color and ensure the success of your project. 


Using This Color Palette: Use this color palette as a guide; consider that a shade or tint (lighter to darker tones) of these colors may be better suited for individual projects. Refer to your Diamond Vogel Studio Collection Fandeck or Architectural Portfolio to view the colors shown. 


Red / Orange

AC123American Rose
8077Scarlet Sumac
8629Majestic Ridge
8589Warrior King
8616Rustic Pottery
8637Spice Variety



Purple / Blue

7454Aqua Marine
7414Ocean Blues
AC 144Midnight Interlude
8165Country Cranberry
7198Plum Berry
7229Pantry Plum




Green / Yellow

7840Divine Vine
7717Limerick Trick
AC 156Hill and Dale
8477Woven Willow
8509Cozy Cabin
8494African Plain





Neutral / Grey / Beige

8482Sand Castle
8565Pinecone Path
8653Jeff's Java
8465Homespun Linen
8294Dark Shadows
8245In The Dark