Creating a Stress-Free Home

Creating a Stress-Free Home

Ok, so maybe we're over-promising just a little with the title on this one. Creating a completely stress-free home is a pretty big task, but not necessarily an impossible one. Here are some of our favorite tips for reducing stress at home.

Pick soothing paint colors

Surrounding yourself with calm and relaxing colors can have a soothing effect on your mind and can help aid in concentration. Common calming colors include blues and greens, as they remind us of calming things in nature - the ocean, the sky, a quiet field.

Don't be too concerned with "rules" when it comes to using calm colors. You could use them in any room of the house or in your office. They can be used in rooms that face the south and west to cool them off and because they are flattering colors they can be used in baths and powder rooms as well.

Organize your home - What NOT to do

Many people are quick to offer advice on how to get organized, but Nicole Anzia, Washington DC's organizing and de-cluttering guru, takes a different approach. She offers advice on what not to do when it comes to home organization so that homeowners can avoid the mistakes she most commonly sees.

In her recent post on Apartment Therapy, Nicole offers this advice:

Organize First; Buy Second - Do not go out and buy a ton of storage pieces and supplies before you sort through your home.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew - Do not set aside an ENTIRE day to organize your WHOLE house. Very few people have the energy and/or focus to spend 8 hours organizing.

Complete Each Task, Completely - Once you have decided where something is going to go - take it there. Never keep bags for charity or boxes for friends in your home to deliver later. Do it now. Finish the process.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day - Do not think that once you've organized your space, that you are done. You should expect regular upkeep, but just be glad that the new system is far more efficient than the old one.

Good Enough is Enough - Very few people have closets and drawers that resemble those in catalogs. The goal is to set up a space that works well for your needs. That is success.



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