Decorated Dining

Decorated Dining

decorated dining

Need some ideas on how to make your holiday dinners look fabulous? Follow these easy tips to create a beautiful table setting. First, drop any preconceived notions you may have that wallpaper and tile are just for walls and floors! Complement your tablesetting by using wallpaper as table runners, placemats, menus, candle and vase wraps – or tightly wrap the entire table in paper. Tiles make adorable place card holders, coasters, chargers, trivets, or serving boards. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to color, pattern and texture, so you’ll find a myriad of ways to make your china or everyday dishes sparkle.

what's for dinner?

A printed menu of the food courses about to be served automagically makes a sit-down dinner all the more fun! Guests will be excited for what’s to come and will be impressed with your five-star treatment. The best part? There’s no need to enlist a graphic design whiz to have a personalized menu at your next dinner party; a pretty font and some leftover wallpaper are all that’s required.

Once you have planned your meal, sit down at your computer and typeset your menu. Have fun with various fonts, sizes, and graphic elements. Next, cut wallpaper into full-page printer paper dimensions so that you can easily arrange the layout and feed it through your printer. Once printed, you can trim into any size or shape you choose. Rounds, scrolls or shapes that suit your décor or theme all work equally well!

the perfect place

Placemats pull together a dinner table and give guests a clear sense of what utensils and implements are their own and where their personal space begins and ends. The mats protect your furniture and offer an opportunity to decorate the dinner table too.

Thanks to disposable and recyclable wallpaper placemats, switching up dinner table décor couldn’t be easier. Cut wallpaper into evenly-sized placemats according to the number of settings for your dinner party. Set one sample place setting to gauge how much room it will take up and thus determine your mat dimensions. Make sure plates, chargers, cutlery and stemware will fit nicely and plan enough breathing room so that your gorgeous wallpaper placemats can be fully appreciated. If you fall for a real winning wallpaper that you want to keep and reuse, glue the paper to cork backs and seal with a clear acrylic finish to keep the placemats clean, dry and ready to bring out at your next party. FYI… wallpaper makes a fabulous table runner too!

please be seated

Geometric shapes are on trend with no sign of becoming shrinking violets anytime soon. What makes them so appealing is that they give off a modern vibe while being a true design classic, this will match well with both contemporary dishware or Granny’s fine china. Depending on the size of the place card, you can create many monikers from one sheet of tile, making this a very economical way to get guests exactly where you want them! Choose from magical marble, colored glass beauties, or solid ceramics and porcelains. There are a multitude of options. If you are lucky enough to have gorgeous penmanship and a steady hand, you can wield a metallic Sharpie and hand-letter guests’ names in a snap. For an even quicker alternative, opt for cute stickers to spell out full names or simply use initials. Voila! A custom place card you can send home with your guests as a lovely parting favor.


Article & images used with permission from At Home Magazine