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As many of us are finding ourselves with unexpected time at home, now may be a good opportunity to refresh those exteriors and reinvent your front and back yards. Aside from a home update, you’ll also be getting welcome fresh air and a little light exercise! This month’s palette offers a versatile and timeless selection of bold, neutral hues starting with an off-white, mid-tone grey, and an inky black. The addition of chalky primaries in blue and yellow bring an uplifting feel sure to awaken and energize your exteriors in time for the upcoming highs of summer.

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Octavius - Color ID 0522 Pompeii Ruins - Color ID 0623 Mystic Fog - Color ID 0019
Fossilized - Color ID 0581 Yellow Tail - Color ID 0848  


Think Outside Entry Inspiration

Opting for a more delicate style, refresh your outdoors with calming Pompeii Ruins. This gently shaded, pastel blue is an ideal choice for exterior surfaces, as it’s a timeless and extremely versatile shade that pairs well with most garden styles and greenery. Finish with Mystic Fog as an accent through porches, windows, and door frames to lift and lighten woodwork.

Think Outside House Paint Inspiration

For a classic and contemporary look try Fossilized. This cool neutral hue is ideal for sprucing up the exteriors. Applied as a base, this mid-tone gray can be paired successfully with most colors and decorative styles. Keeping to a muted palette, the addition of Mystic Fog will add clarity when applied to window frames and panels. Finish with a confident lick of paint in Octavius for a bold front door.

Think Outside Black Door Inspiration

Working with the lightest and darkest shades of this palette, create a crisp and slick finish to your front door and exteriors with this sophisticated monochromatic style. Applying a coating of the cool Mystic Fog, this off-white is sure to freshen up any exterior woodwork. For the ultimate contrast apply the deep and dark Octavius to shutters, window frames, and doors. This blue-black hue will create a truly modern and refined finish.

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For an added pop of color both Yellow Tail and Pompeii Ruins will bring instant impact to your exterior spaces. Apply as an accent for a fun feature wall or to refresh exterior seating. Both these pale hues will uplift and revitalize your outdoor spaces while still pairing perfectly with the remaining neutral and muted shades.