A Vivid Imagination: 2020 Spring At Home Magazine

A Vivid Imagination: 2020 Spring At Home Magazine

a vivid imagination

It's hard to believe, but the vibrant medley of color and texture in this home began with just a single work of art. The piece of art reflects the ecletic and unruly tates of this family of six – fun with a classic touch. Beyond the initial inspiration of the charmed canvas, the rest of the home built itself around Danielle Loven, the lead designer on this project, her imagination and the client's vision. What results is a simotaneously edgy and timeless design style.

Patterened chairs extend the living room's vivacious color scheme into the dining area, with rustic touches that bring a sense of earliness. Details like this patterend rug and thoughtfully place coffee table accents show off Danielle's intuitive eye for design.

The bedroom takes a step into a dreamier palette, with gorgeous greys offering refuge and solace—the perfect place to hide out from the world in the company of cozy throws, pillows, and a tufted headboard.

With no shortage of counterspace, this bathroom puts most kitchens to shame. A glass chandelier outfits the room with a generous helping of luxury.

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