Diamond Vogel explores the colors that will be trending for interiors and exteriors for 2018 and what is driving these color shifts. Changing lifestyles, geo-political conflict and general uncertainty are driving two defined trends: calm and peaceful color to escape stress and brighter hues to help us express our feelings about what is impacting our daily lives.

Candidates for the 2018 Color of the Year

0448 - Ice Flow

Peaceful and serene…this soft green is a chameleon hue, retro yet modern, it fits perfectly with our desire for unhurried spaces. Pairs well with cream, chocolate, yellow and popular soft pinks. Ice Flow’s translucent style fits easily with today’s light and uplifting spaces.

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0587 - Atmospheric Pressure

An introspective color, this lavender-infused gray represents the transparency we long for and brings mindfulness and peaceful reassurance to an untrusting world. Use as a versatile color in open concept spaces, this uplifting hue pairs well with a variety of colors.

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0393 Inviting Gesture

A soft artesian hue that sets a relaxed tone of renewal and balance. This tranquil color pairs nicely with popular grays, browns, charcoal and blues. Inviting Gesture is a great backdrop for easy living.

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0562 - Sultry Castle

A foundational gray that connects us to authentic and timeless details. This modern gray offers warmth and harmony and is a great backdrop for daily life. Sultry Castle pairs well with most colors and offers easy, classic elegance.

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