A deep introspective blue that offers quiet reflection and a sense of security.

Meet our 2019 Color of the Year

Day Spa - 0634

Perfect Pairings

Day Spa pairs well with both warm and cool neutrals including grays, and is a stunning standalone accent. Quiet spaces using natural materials and earth inspired colors help to create places of comfort and inner peace.

Timeless Luxury

Day Spa, a powerful accent that showcases one’s personal style and creates a dramatic backdrop for daily living. Day Spa’s flexibility delivers color that is comfortable when used for interior spaces.

Connecting Spaces

Day Spa unites us with nature, as well as mind and body, and its ageless presence makes it versatile no matter the space. This deep, introspective blue offers quiet reflection and a sense of security.

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2019 Color Trend Report

Color can create spaces that are optimistic, meaningful, and exciting. Weaving color into our homes, especially against current palettes of gray and neutrals keeps a space fresh and relevant.

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