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2020 Color of the Year

A relaxing gold honoring authentic workmanship with its timeless and warm patina. A saturated hue representing a true connection to comfort.

Pairing Silence is Golden with the 2020 Trend Colors adds warmth, creating a point of interest to the soft and muted groupings, or balancing brighter pairings without diminishing their presence.

2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone has chosen Living Coral - a vibrant hue that embraces us with comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment as their 2019 Color of the Year. To get the look, choose Diamond Vogel’s 1087 Bay Coral.

2020 At Home Magazine At Home Magazine Spring 2020

Our newest edition of At Home Magazine is available now!

Top Color Picks

Selecting the right color can be challenging and very personal.  We want to create spaces that are an extension of ourselves and express current trends in design and home furnishings.  To help, Diamond Vogel presents Top Color Picks; an insider’s look to the hot trends in color. Use the tabs below to tour our picks, let these colors inspire your next painting project.


Find the best tools for you to get the job done right. Find out more about the brushes, frames, covers, tape, and much more.»

Avoid the Hype! Primers are Still Important»

The paint-n-primer-in-one product campaigns promise less work, and it’s appealing.  However, on some substrates applying a coat of primer will save you exertion, provide a better looking job and prevent failure. » 

Color Wheel Basics»

Use the color wheel to make decorating simple throughout your whole house.  Correctly using the color wheel and coordinating decorations can transform your house into a home.»