Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy

Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy

Outstanding Corrosion Protection Made Simple
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Quick, Easy to Use Epoxy Primer

Mult-E-Prime 500 is a high solids, high-build epoxy formulated to provide outstanding corrosion protection in extreme environments while providing superior chemical and abrasion resistance. Its tenacious adhesion and ability to be applied to tightly adhering rust and other tightly adhered previous coatings make it a versatile choice in substrate protection and an excellent option as an intermediate coat over organic zinc, inorganic zinc, and catalyzed epoxy primers. Mult-E-Prime 500's rapid re-coat time makes it highly adaptable to any workflow.  During warm weather months, Mult-E-Prime 500’s Summer Cure extends dry times to assist with application.  Mult-E-Prime 500 is suitable for fresh water immersion, but please contact Diamond Vogel Technical Service for detailed information on immersion application.

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State of Illinois


  • Surface Tolerant - Use Over Tightly Adhering Rust and Previous Coatings
  • Tenacious Adhesion
  • Rapid Re-Coat
  • Available in Gray, Red and White

Product Data

Product Name Product Sheen
Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy Satin View PDF ›
Mult-E-Prime 500 RI Hi-Build Rust Inhibitive Epoxy Primer Satin View PDF ›

Safety Data Sheets

Product Name Product # Sheen Product Base/Color
Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy LF-0250 Satin Gray View PDF ›
Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy LF-1250 Satin White View PDF ›
Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy LF-5252 Satin Red View PDF ›
Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy Standard Cure LM-0222 Not Applicable Part B View PDF ›
Mult-E-Prime 500 Hi-Build Epoxy Summer Cure LM-0223 Not Applicable Part B View PDF ›