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Pump Bucks


Save Money on Your Next Spray Equipment Purchase

Trade your Premier Dollars for Pump Bucks!
Pump Bucks are available in $25 increments and can be purchased with the Premier Dollars you earn as a member of the Premier Contractor Club.  Pump Buck certificates, with Pump Bucks amount included, will be sent to you.

Here's how it works:

  • Make your best deal on new spray equipment at your local Diamond Vogel service center.  (new units only: parts and accessories do not qualify.)
  • Redeem your Pump Buck certificate(s) at time of purchase.
  • Upon verification, a credit in the amount of your Pump Bucks will be issued to your account at the corporate office.
  • Contact your locas Diamond Vogel service center for further details.
    • Pump Bucks are not transferable
    • Pump Bucks ae valid for 12 months form the date of issue
    • Pump Bucks are valid only on the purchase of new spray unitrs,
    • Parts and accessories do not qualify
SKU: 12510-DV
Price: $25.00
Premier Contractor Dollars: 25