Colour Canvas 2013

Colour Canvas 2013

A collection of forecasted globally defining colors; finding balance with color for uncertain times.

The world economy is still in flux, up one day, down the next. The world of color and design can react in ways that reflect the market's seesaw ride and mood. As design and paint professionals, your focus is to provide the best possible atmosphere for your clients to find comfort from the world around them.

Diamond Vogel focuses on these trends with their color report, Colour Canvas 2013. The color collection contains fifty-four, forward reaching colors based on six key trends, Keepsakes, "Comp" Hues, Subhued, Out of Bounds, Elements and No Rules. Each trend has nine colors in groups of three; each usable color combination includes a neutral or grounded color, a companion color and an accent.



This trend comes about as a result of the stress of the economy and uncertainty around the globe. We can look to our past, and better times, and perhaps it gives us solace. We all remember, fondly, things that were part of our lives in our youth.  At times of stress, we recall them as they soothe our souls and remind us of what is dear to our hearts. 

Floral patterns change with the years, but some colors and flowers are classic, such as roses. The old fashioned motifs can be mixed with modern stules for new looks and schemes.

The arts, no matter when they were created, can add flair and character to room schemes.

Only Yesterday

Color Chip Only Yesterday

Mandalay Road

Color Chip Mandalay Road

Camel's Hump

Color Chip Camel's Hump


Color Chip Rediscover

Island Embrace

Color Chip Island Embrace


Color Chip Casandra

Putting Bench

Color Chip Putting Bench

Lemon Slice

Color Chip Lemon Slice

Mother Nature

Color Chip Mother Nature

















"Comp" Hues


Newest technologies are balanced with our need to replay the past. The computer rules our lives in many ways, as we are attached to them and them to us. Computer generated design, competes with handmade art and is defined by glowing colors, because they are light generated.

Home designs grow from computer generated programs. Colors for inside and outside the home are determined in virtual reality. No more guessing, just push a button and an instant room is planned.

Abstract art is seen as a mechanical pattern, more so since it is computer generated. What next? Perhaps the human factor will be eliminated.


Color Chip Epimethius

Feather Stone

Color Chip Feather Stone


Color Chip Impulse

Rand Moon

Color Chip Rand Moon

Cool Sky

Color Chip Cool Sky


Color Chip Skyila

Golden Lake

Color Chip Golden Lake

Season Finale

Color Chip Season Finale


Color Chip Chasm
















Calm and serene, pastels are a balm for frazzled times. They balance the bright hues that blare and broadcast. Nothing says sweetness and light like confections. They put a smile on your face and take your worries away.

Filmy, vaporous and flowing. Transparent colors are pastel by nature. Their gentle touch and feel along with sensuous colors, gives a room instant appeal.

Combinations of pastel neutrals can make an elegant statement. The mix of beiges and gray can coordinate with hundreds of other colors, making them very usable.

Melting Glacier

Color Chip Melting Glacier

Sweet Pea

Color Chip Sweet Pea


Color Chip Kyoto


Color Chip Fairytale

Tiny Pink

Color Chip tiny Pink

Purple Purity

Color Chip Purple Purity

Nomadic Travels

Color Chip Nomadic Travels

Powder Cake

Color Chip Powder Cake

Frozen Custard

Color Chip Frozen Custard













Out of Bounds


Just when we think we have seen it all there is something to surprise, amuse and astound us. Just as we adapt to one thing, it is no longer around and we need to adapt to another. This trend is counteractive to the Subhued collection.

Exterior architecture is slow to change, but when it does, it can make a major statement. New materials and technology are merging to make the unimaginable available.

Neon is back in style and can be found in areas where it never appeared before. Neon symbolizes the highest limit of color, as it cannot be seen any brighter in this format.

Fantasy takes us away from the cares of the day, but also offers us a dreamlike state where there is no "normal".


Color Chip Sublime

Lemon Drizzle

Color Chip Lemon Drizzle

Glass Bottle

Color Chip Glass Bottle

Tropical Tail

Color Chip Tropical Tail

Capri Isle

Color Chip Capri Isle

Silent Sea

Color Chip Silent Sea

Light Lichen

Color Chip Light Lichen

Paved Path

Color Chip Paved Path


Color Chip Atmosphere

















We are all drawn to our need to save our environment and closeness to natural and organic elements.

Feathers have decorated fashions for centuries and have fallen out of use. Most recently, we see them in trendy fashion accessories, as well as, patterns and prints for the home.

Decorative stone is still popular for countertop applications in kitchens and baths. There are more varieties available today that have fantastic patterns and hues.

There are spectacular colors to be found in unusual places. Finding the unexpected in common materials, such as this rusted metal piece, is like finding hidden treasure.


Color Chip Take-Out

Pretty Parasol

Color Chip Pretty Parasol


Color Chip Connoisseur


Color Chip Cape Hippolita

Sabo Garden

Color Chip Sabo Garden

Eye of the Storm

Color Chip Eye of the Storm

Mango Madness

Color Chip Mango Madness

Lemon Lilly

Color Chip Lemon Lilly

Bunny Fluff

Color Chip Bunny Fluff
















No Rules


When you are constantly looking for something new you have to break the rules to get it. If we constantly follow the rules you will have less of a chance of finding the next best thing.

Fashion is known for breaking the rules, cosmetics such as eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish have changed drastically in the last few years and will continue to stretch the limits of color.

Although roofs do not break the rules very often, this is an unusual technique of placing shingles. As it is new and different, it may even catch on!

What do you mean "snakes do not come in turquoise"? Going against natural patterns and colors is a way to create new looking products.

Cool Elegance

Color Chip Cool Elegance

Purple Hollyhock

Color Chip Purple Hollyhock

Dandy Lion

Color Chip Dandy Lion

Green Column

Color Chip Green Column

Gaelic Garden

Color Chip Gaelic Garden


Color Chip Aquadazzle

Senior Moment

Color Chip Senior Moment

Apple Pie

Color Chip Apple Pie

Lasting Thoughts

Color Chip Lasting Thoughts