Color Selection for an Open Floor Plan

Color Selection for an Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan with Black Pillar

An open floor plan creates a spacious and accessible interior emphasizing modern traits and sleekness. When charged with the task of redecorating an open floor plan, selecting color for a large space can seem daunting and overwhelming. All areas need to complement each other while exuding an inviting feel throughout. Selecting the right color scheme can make all the difference.

Open Floor Plan Bright Entry Way

Color Scheme for an Open Floor Plan

  • Use the same color throughout the interior. Drastically different colors will disrupt the natural flow.
  • Add contrast by using varying hues of the same color.  This will add interest without hindering continuity.
  • Enhance small spaces by using visually receding colors with a satin finish. Visually receding colors are light shades of blue and green, light neutrals and light yellows and violets. Satin finishes reflect light, making the most of a tiny space.
  • Large spaces can be made to feel cozy by using visually advancing colors in a matte finish. Visually advancing colors are darker hues such as deep blues and greens, oranges and reds. A matte finish over these colors will absorb light, giving off a warmth feeling.
  • Paint trim with white gloss or semi-gloss paint for a clean finish.
  • Be aware when selecting color, a shade that is perfectly fine in a sample can be overwhelming throughout the entirety of the space.  Review your choice in all possible lighting situations before committing to a final color!

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