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Sustainable Coatings

Find out more about our sustainable coatings.

Diamond Vogel Direct To You

Diamond Vogel Paints has been producing industrial paints and coatings since 1926. We sell diriectly to our customers. With Diamond Vogel as your supplier, you do business with one company for the formulation, testing, production and delivery of coatings.

beautiful ceilings
made easy

Our Elevate Interior Latex Ceiling Paint makes painting ceilings incredibly easy.  Elevate produces a ceiling with a uniform appearance, has amazing touch-up qualities and enhanced spatter resistance.

Color Trends - Summer 2012

Are you ready for a change? Do you walk into a room and dream of a new look? Then snap a photo of your space and head to your computer to ‘envision’ that new color. Envision is Diamond Vogel’s color visualizer found at that offers easy color visualization and idea planning.
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