2020 Color Trend Report


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2020 Color Trend Report

Posted 09/23/2019
2020 Color Trends

Our 2020 Trend Palettes provide subtle yet lively and distinct measures of inspiration along our daily paths. It could be memories of a cherished piece, soft shades that offer a respite at the end of the day, or vibrant tones to inspire and motivate us to move beyond hesitation and obstacles. Whatever speaks to you, these dynamic palettes of timeless colors are sure to please.


Diamond Vogel offers four directional color stories for 2020, Quiet Time, Pathway, Homespun, and Group Hug. We hope these will inspire your next color journey as you find inspiration along your daily path.

quiet time

This palette of soft, muted colors offers sanctuary amid our hectic and often complex lives. Blending near whites, blues, and greens with darker neutrals creates spaces that soothe the soul and recharge the mind.

Mystic Fog - 0019 Star Mist - 0630 Overlook - 1319 Resting Place - 0462 Billowing Smoke - 0583

MYSTIC FOG 0019: Calm, relaxed, and peaceful, this soft white pairs perfectly with all colors.

STAR MIST 0630: A harmonious balance between blue and gray, this light and airy hue invites relaxation and new beginnings.

OVERLOOK 1319: Larger than life, an ultra-deep gray-violet shade perfect for grounding light pastels or accenting brighter colors. A striking and modern accent that pairs well with most colors, giving it universal appeal.

RESTING PLACE 0462: A soft mint described as ‘nostalgia meets clean and simple’. A mid-century hue that is calming and balanced, providing a restful retreat.

BILLOWING SMOKE 0583: A dramatic deep green with a gritty yet nuanced personality, enabling it to pair with ethereal colors, creating unique and confident combinations.


As we navigate our busy lives, we are confronted with the challenges of how to manage distractions, assess information, and stay centered amid the noise of our modern world. To help us determine and prioritize what is most important, or which pathways to follow, we search both consciously and subconsciously for those elements and cues that add value, passion, and meaning to it all.


Noble Honor - 1166
A classic beauty, this blackened red pairs wonderfully with other jewel-tones, as well as greens, blues, and earth-tones.

Blue Depths - 0626
This saturated navy blue connects spaces, cultures, and generations. Its familiar and ageless character makes it versatile no matter the space. Pairs well with grays, beiges, and most hues.

Sphere - 0013
Add joy and happiness to your room with this delicate yellow. Sphere brings a welcome energy to your space, while easily connecting with lively accents and deep neutrals.

Hippolita - 0386
Taking its name from a mythical queen, this sensuous green sets a calm, cleansing and balanced tone, making it a great backdrop for easy and unhurried living.

Atmosphere - 0689
This blue-green beauty reflects off cool waters and bright skies to deliver an upbeat vibe. Pair with deep red, yellow, or orange for dramatic style.


Unique and personal spaces are the inspiration for this palette of eclectic hues that tie styles and passions together. An authentic home is a combination of old and new. Curating family keepsakes, travel treasures, and exciting new pieces can make defining your own style a challenge. Color comes to the rescue with its power to tie disparate elements together into one cohesive design. New and vintage coexist in today’s uncompromising bespoke attitude, with the mixing and matching of styles coalescing to create a look that is uniquely yours.


Green Glow - 0788 Evening Dove - 0451 Golden Glow - 0814 Impatient Heart - 0063 Wildwood - 0214

GREEN GLOW 0788: Green Glow sprouts with lush and vibrant renewal. Deep yellow-based greens pair beautifully with yellow, oranges, reds, and even cool gray.

EVENING DOVE 0451: Like the approach of evening’s last light, this ultra-deep brown offers a sense of restful comfort and solace. Pairs well with toned orange, peach, pink, and soft yellow.

GOLDEN GLOW 0814: An impact color that challenges us to take notice. Pairs well with strong accents like bright teal, red, and orange, or can be a stand-alone with black and white for a sophisticated flair.

IMPATIENT HEART 0063: A free-spirited peachy-orange offering a fun, fresh, and edgy accent. With roots in vintage mid-century style, this hue pairs well with brown and gray neutrals, greens, and yellows.

WILDWOOD 0214: Earthy and real, Wildwood emerges from the ground as an accent for both warm and cool colors. Great with brighter colors such as yellow, green, and blue.

group hug

Color has a way of uniting us. Its universal and instinctual appeal helps connect us even if we may not always agree. Group Hug honors our human need to belong, to laugh, and to love. This palette of earth-inspired colors conveys a grounded and secure feel, wrapping us in a reassuring embrace, providing the simple human touch we all desire.

3am Latte - 0175
3AM LATTE 0175
Warm and inviting, this beige has a slight gray undertone, making it perfect to pair with today’s popular trends. It’s the perfect neutral.

Pure Laughter - 0846
Soft and easy, Pure Laughter’s happy personality glows with authentic warmth. Pairs well with most neutrals like gray and chocolate, as well as blues and greens.

Calm Interlude - 0501
Is it green or black? A mysterious ultra-deep accent that adds interest to lighter colors such as citron, brown, beige, and orange.

Peace of Mind - 1004
This earthen orange is a perfect accent to many of the toned neutrals popular now. Peace of Mind beckons with timeless appeal and partners brilliantly with muted gold, deep violet, and moss green.

Moonscape - 0227
This soft neutral combines gray and brown for a modern update to this versatile color. It’s a great accent that pairs well with rusty reds, oranges, and popular blues.

two great ways to sample color

Not sure which hue is right for you? Diamond Vogel offers two convenient ways to preview colors.


Color Sampler
Color Sampler is a quart sized sample that helps you test color before you buy. There is no better way to try a color than to paint out a sample in the space, so it can be viewed with your own furniture, lighting and accessories. Learn More

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