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Perfect Focus

Posted 08/08/2019
Perfect Focus

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Perfect Focus Color Inspiration Perfect Focus Office Inspiration

With summer coming to an end, now is a great time to reinvent your study areas and get prepared! Whether you’re heading back to work, starting college or working from home, give your focus a boost by updating your space with these positive and inspiring color schemes. Follow some simple steps to get motivated this fall and create the ideal study zone just in time for the start of the academic year.

Perfect Focus Color Inspiration

Create a motivational and focused workspace with the application of Frog Green. This energetic and zesty hue will breathe new life into your interiors by refreshing tired walls. Style with storage, furniture, and textiles in a combination of Luna Moon and Silent Sea for a modern yet dynamic feel. Pair with natural woodwork and green foliage to bring the outdoors into your study space.

Perfect Focus Living Space Inspiration

Get creative and opt for a dark feature wall in Silent Sea. This deep charcoal hue is a great backdrop for the creation of large-scale chalk and notice boards, perfect for keeping track of key dates, ideas, and goals. Balance with the off-white of Luna Moon for the remaining walls to maintain light, and continue a monochromatic style with bold graphic printed pillows. Finish with furniture and textiles in a combination of Lemon Appeal and Dandy Lion. These yellow tones will inject a playful dash of color into your interior space.

Perfect Focus Office Space Perfect Focus Desk

The lively quality of this palette enables an array of playful and positive applications. For a more contemplative workspace, the adaptable Luna Moon and Lemon Appeal are perfect background colors for accents of the palette’s brighter and darker shades. If you’re a creative with a love for stimulating work environments why not try a feature wall in Dandy Lion or Frog Green? These bold shades will bring instant energy and personality to your study space.