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Time to Study

A Confident Scheme of Primary Hues
Posted 08/04/2020
Time to Study

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As summer winds down and heading back to school is just around the corner, whether that be from home or in the classroom, the month of August marks the perfect time to refresh and update your kids’ bedrooms, play areas and study spaces.

Inspired by the fundamental building blocks of color, a charcoal matte black and cool, crisp off-white bring definition to saturated and bold blue, yellow, and red. So, this August, start the new school year off right with this graphic, confident, and stimulating paint scheme of primary hues.


To create the perfect at home learning zone, update your little ones play areas with this graphic and study-friendly interior theme. Create a chalkboard effect on a feature wall in the matte black, Deep Sea Shadow. Keep remaining walls in the bright and cool off-white, Beryl Pearl for a dynamic, monochrome effect. Introduce the three primaries, Peninsula, Glowing Lantern, and Moonrose through fun learning games, textiles and soft accessories.


For a more grown up feel, ideal for a study used by the whole family, apply an all-round coating of Beryl Pearl as your base and accent with bold primaries. By painting wooden shelving, wardrobes, and cupboard doors, you can achieve an energized space with these fun pops of color in Peninsula, Glowing Lantern, and Moonrose – one for the whole family to enjoy!


Perfect for teenagers, the mid-tone blue, Peninsula is a soft and calming shade, ideal for bringing a touch of color to bedrooms. Blues bring clarity and soothe, proving a great choice to enhance focus during those study sessions while supporting a good night’s sleep. Pair with the clean and crisp, off white, Beryl Pearl and accent with Glowing Lantern to create a fun and youthful feature wall with stenciling.