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Promote Positivity

With vacation season ending, and back to school around the corner, this month’s palette explores colors for educational environments.

Posted 07/27/2021

Perfect Paradise

Refresh bathrooms and kitchens with a summer palette inspired by undiscovered beaches, exotic foliage and crystal-clear oceans. Create your own personal paradise this summer with a palette to escape with!

Posted 06/29/2021

A Warm Welcome

As restrictions ease and we look forward to socializing and dining in our favorite cafés and restaurants again, now is an ideal opportunity to refresh and reinvent hospitality spaces.

Posted 06/1/2021

Kick Back and Relax on your Deck? Not so fast...

Warm weather is arriving, and it is a great time to kick back in your lounge chair, with a cool drink in your hand while enjoying a beautiful sunset on your gorgeous deck.

Posted 05/5/2021

Front Door Makeover

Your front door is more than the entrance to your home. It is a crucial design element in curb appeal and a great place to add a splash of color. Renewing your front door with fresh paint is a great weekend project. Here are the steps on how to do it right.

Posted 05/4/2021