Painting Exterior Window Trim


When it comes to painting, every house or building has its trouble spots, areas where you’ll see the first signs of paint failure.

One typical trouble spot is exterior window trim. This potential trouble spot can be maintained effectively, saving you money in the long run, with proper surface preparation and premium quality acrylic latex primer and paint.

Diamond Vogel’s Recommendation for Repainting Windows

  • Remove all of the old finish by scraping. The success of any repaint is dependent on the amount of surface preparation that is performed. Any old paint remaining on the surface may cause the new paint system to fail prematurely. Sand wood to a firm surface. Remove any sanding dust. Make sure wood is dry.
  • Treat with Grain Stain Exterior Semi-Transparent Oil Stain. Do not build a film, but do saturate the surface.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Caulk all the joints.
  • Prime with one or two coats of Diamond Vogel’s Sure Grip Acrylic Latex Primer at 1.5–2.0 mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat. Wait a minimum of 3 to 4 hours before applying the second coat. Two coats are recommended on redwood and cedar with a 24-hour dry time between coats.
  • Finish with one or two coats of Diamond Vogel’s Palisade Ultra Premium Exterior Acrylic Latex, Durango Acrylic Latex Exterior Finish, or EverCryl Exterior Acrylic Latex Finish at 1.5–2.0 mils DFT per coat. Allow to dry 3-4 hours between coats.

The temperature must be above 50°F during the time this work is being performed, with no rain. Do not let the wood get wet from any source prior to treating with Grain Stain. The idea is to waterproof the wood as much as possible to prevent shrinking and swelling.

For further information on painting exterior wood trim, contact your Diamond Vogel representative.

Download this technical bulletin as a PDF