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Designer Inspiration: 2018 Spring At Home Magazine

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Decorated Dining

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Painting with Proper Proportions of Color

60:30:10 Rule

Paint color can transform and revitalize your home.  It can also be used to engage and create welcoming home environments.  One way to do this is with proper proportions of different hues and shades of color.

Design Math: Guide for Kitchen, Dining & Bath

A well planned room adds comfort and convenience to the living spaces in your home.  We have crunched the numbers – here’s what you should know about creating inviting, functional dining rooms, kitchens and baths in your home.

Dining Room

How Pattern Improves Small Spaces

Marie Grabo Designs
Marie Grabo Designs

Add Color with an Accent Wall

Bedroom with Bright Pink Accent Wall

If you’re looking for a project to get your creative juices flowing, adding an accent wall, or changing the color of a current accent wall may be just the right project for you.

A Fresh New Look-Update Your Color Scheme

Paint color has the power to transform and revitalize a tired look. You can use color to engage and create welcoming home environments. If you’re trying to achieve a fresh new look without changing all the colors in a room, follow these color scheme tips.

Streamline Your Design

As with fashion, you don’t want to “over-accessorize” your home.  But editing and streamlining can be difficult, especially if you have emotional or sentimental attachment to some of the things in your home.

The process of streamlining can often be made easier by having a friend or family member come over to help. They can look at your space with fresh eyes and can offer support and encouragement to do the right thing when it comes to “editing.”

Painted Furniture

Whether you’re operating on a budget, looking to give your furniture a new twist, or trying to add “pop” to a room, painting your furniture is a fun DIY project that gives you the ability to accomplish all or any of these things!