Research & Development Chemist

Diamond Vogel is seeking an associate chemist to join the Industrial Wood Coatings Research and Development teams.  If you are looking for a professional work environment and have a strong work ethic, consider joining our teams in developing top quality products for the industrial marketplace. 

The position is responsible for the development of new products, along with technically supporting sales, manufacturing, and purchasing departments. 

Requirements include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the sciences is required (with course work in chemistry). 
  • Being detail-oriented.
  • Working well both individually and in a team environment.
  • Proven communication skills.
  • Being a self-starter and showing an inquisitive attitude. 
  • Previous lab experience is not required but will be helpful.

The position will be given on the job training to achieve the following:

  • Hands-On Skills: Prepare sample of new liquid coating formulas and color matching, perform routine physical and analytical tests with minimum supervision and maintain a clean work area
  • Computer Skills: Maintain accurate records of test results and observations.
  • Communication skills: Communicate observations, test procedures and related data, both verbally and in written form, with team members.

We offer competitive wages and a complete benefit package, including health care, dental, and vision; 401k; life & disability insurance; HSA (health savings account); PTO (paid time off); and more.

Please apply at the Corporate Support Center or complete and submit our online application near the top of this page.

An Equal Opportunity Employer | Pre-Employment Drug Testing Required

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