2020 Color of the Year


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2020 Color of the Year

Posted 09/13/2019
2020 Color of the Year

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A relaxing gold honoring authentic workmanship with its timeless and warm patina. A saturated hue representing a true connection to comfort.

Pairing Silence is Golden with the 2020 Trend Colors adds warmth, creating a point of interest to the soft and muted groupings, or balancing brighter pairings without diminishing their presence.

Strong & Soft


Symbolizing strength, compassion, and courage, this soft gold is perfect for navigating and empowering one’s busy home.


Versatile & Seamless


Silence is Golden flows between interiors and exteriors as a welcoming hue, pairing seamlessly with either warm or cool tones.


Welcoming & Natural


Silence is Golden's majestic nature and worldly wisdom make it a color ready to stand in the spotlight, or elegantly blend into the backdrop of your life.


2020 Trend Colors to Pair with Silence is Golden


Mystic Fog - 0019 Star Mist - 0630 Overlook - 1319 Resting Place - 0462 Billowing Smoke - 0583
Noble Honor - 1166 Blue Depths - 0626 Sphere - 0013 Hippolita - 0386 Atmosphere - 0689
Green Glow - 0788 Evening Dove - 0451 Golden Glow - 0814 Impatient Heart - 0063 Wildwood - 0214
3am Latte - 0175 Pure Laughter - 0846 Calm Interlude - 0501 Peace of Mind - 1004 Moonscape - 0227


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