2021 Summer Color Trends


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2021 Summer Color Trends

Healing colors and quiet simplicity
Posted 05/03/2021
2021 Summer Color Trends

Our Summer palette draws inspiration from healing colors that offer quiet simplicity and inspiration from nature. Color creates harmony in the home and lets you express yourself as an individual. Sensory experiences are created through nature-inspired color from plants, flora, and natural lighting. Soft, but vibrant colors convey happiness and gratitude. Chalky colors connect us to emotions of the past. During these warm weather months, take time to discover inspiring color for your home, you may find it in the most unexpected places.


Discover the pleasures of our beautiful planet - deep, rich, and grounding hues that resonates with our soul.  Their timeless story helps balance our lives.... offering an escape and haven from our daily pressures.

Naturalist Empower Inspiration Naturalist Wildwood Inspiration


Plunge 0701


Plunge 0701

A distinctly retro mint, this soft hue is easy to use with popular neutrals including browns and greys.

Dusky Mood 1318

Dusky Mood 1318

 A moody lavender to add just the right emotion, or pair with bright colors to set a relaxed mood.

Wildwood 0214


Wildwood 0214

This grounded neutral emerges from the earth as an accent – perfect to pair with warm or cool colors.

Empower 1095


Empower 1095

Empower offers confidence and strength that only this spirited red orange can deliver. A twist to classic red, pair with brown, gray, or soft earth tones to inspire and add happiness.


Home is a place of comfort and love defined by simple, blissful moments created and shared.  A resurgence of classic design paired with subtle tones and cozy textures create this feel.  Splashes of color allow neutrals to pop while incorporating raw elements to highlight nature’s beauty

Exhale Dreaming of the Day Inspiration
Blackwater 1320 Golden Syrup 0881 Dreaming of the Day 0470 Vigilant 0563

Blackwater 1320
Is it blue or is it black? A mysterious ultra-deep accent that adds interest to lighter colors.

Golden Syrup 0881
A soft-toned yellow with personality, or an accent to pair with grays and browns to add an uplifting spirit to a room.

Dreaming of the Day 0470 | 2021 Color of the Year
Balance is key to this soft blue green that offers a relaxed, meditative feel. Pairs with grays, whites, and neutral earth-tones. It also is a great accent to deep green, black, yellow, and rusty reds.

Vigilant 0563
Deeply rooted in nature, a complex gray that is calming and balanced.


Nonstop connectivity of news and social media spur the desire for spaces that offer personal serenity.  Peaceful surroundings and less clutter help clear the mind and nourish the soul.

Marshy Habitat Exterior Inspiration Summer Memory 1052
0204 Marshy Habitat

Marshy Habitat 0204
Soft and nature inspired, Marshy Habitat easily pairs to balance bolder colors or alone sets a restful nature-inspired quality.

1052 Summer Memory


Summer Memory 1052
Hazy, warm summer days inspire this laid-backed orange! Think melons, peaches and fruity sorbet, this ‘fun in the sun’ hue delivers all the best of summer.

Paved Path 0582

Paved Path 0582
Inspired by stone, a shadowy green with the magic to stand on its own or complement neutrals like browns, creams, and grays.

Day Spa 0634

Day Spa 0634
A deep, introspective blue that offers quiet reflection and a sense of security

rustic rural

We crave real spaces that shift us back to simpler lifestyles using rustic designs and imagery.  Natural woods, spices, gemstones, and minerals used with simple materials deliver spaces that are beautiful and celebrate the best of life.

Rustic Rural Earthern Cheer Inspiration

Earthen Cheer 0465

0385 Howdy Neighbor

0120 Summers Eve

0834 Lemon Drizzle

Earthen Cheer 0465
Approachable and easy-going, Earthen Cheer is a great stand-alone accent, but also adds interest to a space when paired with beige, grey or other trending neutrals.

Howdy Neighbor 0385
A friendly, easy yellow that pairs well with many of the toned colors found in furniture and accessories.

Summer’s Eve 0120
A soft cinnamon hue that softens the soul and invites a laid-back vibe. Pairs well with yellow, green, and browns.

Lemon Drizzle 0834
Energy for a new tomorrow, Lemon Drizzle’s sunny outlook encourages us that our best days are ahead!  

two great ways to sample color

Not sure which hue is right for you? Diamond Vogel offers two convenient ways to preview colors.


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