Perfect in Pastel


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Perfect in Pastel

Unwind and Refresh
Posted 03/15/2022
Abstract Idea Painted Wood

Featured Colors:

Flower Boots Pastel Wood

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome the warmer weather, now’s the perfect time to refresh your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for a peaceful mood in your garden, pastels make a perfect color scheme. Using pastels across your exteriors creates a space to unwind and feel refreshed. This month’s color palette looks beautiful in bright sunlight, but also stands out in shaded yards and brightens up even the darkest of areas. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can breathe new life into your outdoor spaces.

Pastel House

Be bold with Desireé and Misty Valley. Take the soft lavender, Desireé, as an all over application for siding and pair with the comforting shaded green of Misty Valley as an accent for a fresh front door. These complementary colors will give you a home that you (and your neighbors!) can fall in love with.

Yellow Bench Swing

Shabby wooden benches and old wooden seating gets a new lease of life with a coat of the warming and soft yellow, Pure Laughter, adding a touch of sunshine even on the cloudiest of days. Pair with soft furnishings in Desireé, Abstract Idea, and Misty Valley in different patterns for a fun and uplifting accent.

Abstract Idea Shed

When updating outdoor spaces, we tend to neglect the interiors of our storage sheds, so why not refresh these with calming Abstract Idea? Clean and clear, this color will give your shed a makeover just in time for spring. Add touches of soft pale pink, Flowerbed, and take your shed from tired to inspired!

Abstract Idea Wooden Table Pure Laughter Door

Pure Laughter is a great choice for a fresh front door. This sunny yellow is warm and inviting and pairs beautifully with neutral off-whites. This palette of pastel shades is perfect for a spring update to see you through the warmer seasons in style.