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Nautical Blues

As the summer vacation season approaches, we dream of an escape to the coast. Even if you are spending your time at home this summer, we have the perfect colors to brighten up your surroundings. With these sea inspired blues, you can create a fresh and calming sanctuary within your home.

Posted 07/17/2018

2018 Spring At Home Magazine

In Baum's "The Wizard of Oz" novel, Dorothy's magic slippers were first penned as a pair of silver pumps. Interesting that, for the movie, they were changed to ruby red.

Posted 04/25/2018

Decorated Dining

Need some ideas on how to make your holiday dinners look fabulous? Follow these easy tips to create a beautiful table setting.

Posted 09/27/2017

60:30:10 Rule

Paint color can transform and revitalize your home. It can also be used to engage and create welcoming home environments. One way to do this is with proper proportions of different hues and shades of color. The 60:30:10 color theory is one of the basic rules to having a harmonious end result.

Posted 07/21/2016

How Pattern Improves Small Spaces

Having a small space can seem like the biggest obstacle to decorating and design. Pattern can actually make close quarters come alive and seem bigger, not smaller and cluttered as you might expect.

Posted 07/1/2014